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Environmental policy

Musashi Engineering, Inc. recognizes global environment protection to be important management problem and we make use of technique and creativity to be able to have in operation, product, service as manufacturer of production machine and contribute to social sustained development. All organizations and each one participate in and work on promotion of environmental protection, maintenance activity and continuous improvement to be able to leave rich nature for the next generation. 

Basic policy

  1. We disclose information about operation, product which we advanced from situation of global environment protection and service, and employee each one recognizes this and performs activation of further global environment protection and improvement of environmental management system continuously.
  2. We develop technique and product creation and production activity utilized creativity to cope with customer demand about position of global environment protection and environment improvement during design, production, sale, distribution, all stages of the disposal.
  3. We obey environmental regulation of country, local government and overseas environmental laws and ordinances, regulation in conjunction with our product and carry out management of harmful chemical substance and waste thoroughly and prevent pollution of global environment.
  4. We set environmental objective and environmental target and promote energy saving, resource saving activity and review purpose, aim regularly and improve.

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