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Company history

1978 September We establish Musashi Engineering, Inc. in Musashino-shi, Tokyo.
1979 April We develop world first digital method dispenser ME-505 series (PAT.) and start sale.
1982 June We increase the capital to 10 million yen with capital.
1987 October We develop the industry's first Full Automation potting device FAD series and start sale.
1988 December We develop world's first "water head difference automatic compensation function" Equipped microcomputer control dispenser Σ-MX9000/8000 and start sale.
1989 April We increase the capital to 30 million yen with capital.
1990 March We open EAST KANTO OFFICE and start duties.
April We open Osaka Office and start duties.
1991 January We develop LC Full Automation sealant coating applicator MLC-I type and start sale.
1993 March We open Sendai Office and start duties.
1995 July We increase the capital to 80 million yen with capital.
1996 November We open FUKUOKA OFFICE and start duties.
1997 January We develop small amount dispenser SMP-III type more than a one-1,000,000th ml and start sale.
November We open Nagoya Office and start duties.
1998 March We open NAGANO OFFICE and start duties.
1999 October Microcomputer revision type•We develop high precision dispenser SuperΣ and start sale.
2000 April We open SAITAMA OFFICE and start duties.
October We develop super-high-speed jet dispenser JETMASTER and start sale.
November With duties expansion, it is new HEAD OFFICE•We build factory in Mitaka-shi and start duties.
2002 May We establish HONGKONG corporation and start duties.
2003 July We open TAIWAN BRANCH and start duties.
2004 March We open the Korean branch and start duties.
2005 May We open SINGAPORE BRANCH and start duties.
2006 June Full Automation ODF system equipment MLC-7500 wins ADY special prize.
November We open Shanghai Branch and start duties.
2007 August We open SHENZHEN BRANCH and start duties.
November Large factory•TOKYO TECHNICAL CENTER starts the completion, duties in Kawasaki-shi.
2008 June We are elected from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry by "300 medium and small-sized businesses made with cheerful thing supporting tomorrow's Japan".
December We achieve non-contact jet dispenser AeroJet, Fastest in the world 333shot/sec.
2009 April Full Automation seal dispenser device MLC-6500 wins ADY Grand Prix.
September We establish Thai local corporation and start duties.
December The world's first desktop type Full Automation func SMARTROBO TAD1000 Debut.
December We develop underfill Full Automation dispenser device DISPENSMASTER FAD5100 and start sale.
2011 July We develop Capacity measuring type digital dispenser MEASURING MASTER MPP-3 and start sale.
2012 September We develop PC control image recognition Desktop robot IMAGE MASTER 350PC Smart belonging to and start sale.
December We develop multipurpose Full Automation coating applicator DISPENS MASTER FAD2500 and start sale.
2013 January We establish Musashi Europe (German corporation) and start duties.
September We develop high cost performance desk robot SHOTmini200SX and start sale.
2014 February We develop viscosity change-response high precision dispenser ML-808GX. We start sale.
May We develop multi-joint dispensing robot Arm JET and start sale.
2016 January We develop multipurpose orthogonality type robot CROSS MASTER and start sale.
March We develop super-high-speed JET dispenser SuperJet and start sale.
September We develop Fully digital control dispenser SuperΣCMIII and start sale.
November We develop high efficiency monodisupensa MOHNOMASTER and start sale.
2017 April We open Suzhou Branch and start duties.
2018 May We open Tianjin Branch and start duties.
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