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Company history

1978 September We establish Musashi engineering in Musashino-shi, Tokyo.
1987 October We develop the industry's first Full Automation potting device FAD series and start sale.
1988 December We develop world's first "water head difference automatic compensation function" Equipped microcomputer control dispenser Σ-MX9000/8000 and start sale.
1990 April We establish Osaka Office and start duties.
1993 March We establish Sendai Office and start duties.
1997 January We develop small amount dispenser SMP-III type more than a one-1,000,000th ml and start sale.
February We develop high-definition LC Fully automatic dispensing machine for LCD MLC-6000 type, and sale is started Fastest in the world.
1999 October We develop microcomputer revision type, high precision dispenser SuperΣ and start sale.
2000 October We develop super-high-speed jet dispenser JETMASTER and start sale.
2002 November We develop high precision, small amount stable dispenser device DISPENSMASTER FAD2200 type and start sale.
2003 September We develop desktop type, image recognition dispensing robot FAD320S mold with and start sale.
2005 January We develop Fully digital control type, communication facility dispenser SuperΣCM belonging to and start sale.
2006 June In fine technical center Japan exhibition, Full Automation ODF system equipment MLC-7500 wins ADY special prize.
November We develop Fastest in the world 270shot/sec., non-contact jet dispenser JETMASTER2 and start sale.
2007 November With duties expansion, large-scale factory, TOKYO TECHNICAL CENTER is completed in Kawasaki-shi and starts duties.
2008 June In JPCAshow2008, the latest liquid precisely control technology by IJ dispensers wins JPCA prize (award).
June Our high technology and results that were monomade were appreciated from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and we were chosen by "300 making of cheerful thing medium and small-sized businesses which supported tomorrow's Japan".
2009 April In fine technical center Japan exhibition, Full Automation seal dispenser device MLC-6500 wins ADY Grand Prix.
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