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Privacy policy

Musashi engineering (we call "us" as follows) hits duties accomplishment as company taking key technology made with thing and takes personal information of visitor and recognizes that we suffer responsibility that should spread severe and appropriate regime for protection of personal information. All of our employees thinks about this "privacy policy" at the same time if it is necessary to have appropriate knowledge and understanding.

We observe laws and ordinances about personal information that we protect personal information and offer further reliability and security to visitor and will act to realize the appropriate handling of personal information.

From the above-mentioned point of view, we establish "privacy policy" here and carry this out.

About our personal information protection

Collection of personal information

  • ◇We acquire personal information in appropriate legality to beat without depending on means of false other injustice.
  • ◇When business activity, recruiting activity, event seminar have you provide personal information from the person when WEB/ E-mails have you provide personal information for the purpose of visitor getting our information by letters or unless other interviews have personal information for order, evaluation, examination, we exhibit purpose to use the personal information beforehand.

The use of personal information

  • ◇We use personal information as far as it is necessary for the achievement of the following use purposes.
    • ・It is sent answer to consultation and document request estimate
    • ・Shipment of product which you ordered
    • ・Reporting about seminar information, various products, services
    • ・Collection such as questionnaires of opinions for us
    • ・Duties associated with other above
  • ◇When we use personal information for the purpose of not establishing as above, we perform after having obtained the person's consent beforehand.

Offer to third party of personal information

  • ◇We limit to contribute to convenience of for purpose of useful marketing, support and offer and others of information or visitor for visitor and may provide the personal information mentioned above to third parties such as our business partners. In addition, we take necessary so that there is not information leakage measures and warn enough on contributing to such a third party.
  • ◇When there is opposite declaration of intention from visitor beforehand, we do not provide at all and stop offer to the next third party when there is request from visitor.

Disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information

  • ◇If there is request to disclose personal information of oneself from visitor, we cope in conformity with predetermined procedure immediately. After investigation, we take means that is necessary for immediately correction, deletion if you can point so out when there is Dotting that correction or deletion is hoped for about personal information of visitor.
  • ◇In the case of the above, we premise that it is request of visitor. Please note that you cannot answer the request mentioned above when you cannot confirm that it is the person.

The security system of personal information of visitor

  • ◇About personal information of visitor, we adhere rigidly to the security and respect purpose of use you like and lose data of visitor and establish the system to protect from abuse, unauthorized access or injustice disclosure, change or destruction.
  • ◇We will enlighten consciousness for personal information protection of our officer, employee through prescribed maintenance in the company, enforcement of the education training based on expression about this privacy.

Review, improvement

We review each item of expression about this privacy appropriately, and we will be improved. We reserve right we revise expression about this privacy without notifying or to update.

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