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Revision function high precision dispenser belonging to

"Dispense stability" of excellence

Revision function high precision dispenser <br belonging to> SuperΣ<sup>? </sup>xIII ・High precision dispense of the highest quality kept on polishing
・Operability improves
・High cycle time high throughput
・We contribute to running cost down
・It is all-in-one in Full Automation revision function

・Consideration of apparatus introduction in Japan, dispensing test, demonstration func rental, consultation about estimate and inquiry are this.

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・Consideration of apparatus introduction in overseas global area, dispensing test, demonstration func rental, consultation about estimate and inquiry are this.

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When the nearest business base is unclear, please ask to inquiry form.
We put notification from the business base of charge or agency.

Musashi of FA, dispenser synthesis maker turn to problem that cannot be settled to solution with customer from nozzle to dispenser, Desktop robot of various dispense methods, robot at right angles, Full Automation coating applicator only by single dispense mechanism and does suggestion of the most suitable apparatus. Please consult by all means.


NameHigh precision dispenser with revision function
Dispensing methodAir pulse
Discharge pressure settingMicrocomputer control electro/pneumatic method
Dispense modeTimed mode/manual mode
Discharge pressure setting range0.010-0.500 MPa0.005-0.200 MPa
Discharge time setting range0.001 ... 9999.999s
Vacuum pressure set range-0.020-0 MPa-0.010-0 MPa
Main functionAt the waterside difference automatic compensation, dripping automatic prevention, automatic residual quantity warning, α revision, δ revision,
Vacuum pressure revision, residual quantity indication revision, dispense counter, stopwatch,
Japanese-English running out of indication spare exhaust error, pressure change error, pressure over error,
Vacuum pressure error, solenoid valve error, solenoid valve warning
The number of the channels100 CH
RS-232C serial communicationPossibility
Input signalWe pre-set dispense, running out of running out of channel spare dispense mode spare channel,
Channel-designated channel step
Output signalWhile is completed, and dispense cycles among dispense lady, dispense, pressure change error,
Under solenoid valve alarm, error, residual quantity warning, electricity
Rating power supply and frequencyAC100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption30W
Conformity standardCE marking (low voltage order, EMC order)
Exterior dimensions W*D*HW300 X D250 X H100 mm
Weight5.4 kg

Note: When you use syringe, cartridge more than 70 ml, please consult to us.

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External representation
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