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 Kirara MASTER

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The professional decorations tool

"Professional decorations tool which masters" beauty

Professional decorations tool <br>  Kirara MASTER<sup>®</sup> The beautiful finish
・Dispensing tool applies optimal amount quickly, and adhesive does not protrude.
・With pickup tool, we take up Stone of various size surely and can stick beautifully.
Full function, optional
◆ Dispensing of adhesive
・ timed mode: It is dispense stable by timer control. We can paint with adhesive into a uniform dot form.
・ manual mode: We can paint for pen sense freely.
◆ Correspondence nozzle
It is line-up at all ・ extra-fine ... large made 6 size
◆ Controller
Setting of amount of coating of ・ adhesive
Setting of ・ parts holding power
◆ Foot switch
For ・ standstill type, work is possible with both hands
◆ The exclusive stands
* Is easy to put, and is the stands which is easy to take away.
◆ Air compressor (optional)

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Article nameKiraraMaster
Discharge time setting10ms - 9,999s
The biggest input pressure0.4MPa
Air consumption20L/min
Controller sizeW142 X D138 X H103mm (not including protrusions)
Controller Weight790 g
Power supplyAC100-240V 50/60 Hz 12W (AC adapter supply)
Syringe size10cc
Correspondence nozzleTPND-14/16/18/20/22/25G
The number of the gaugesInternal diameter sizeNozzle color
14G1.6Pale orange
18G0.84Light green

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