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Next-generation standard digital dispenser

Standard func of digital dispenser. We realize superior dispense reproducibility

Next-generation standard digital dispenser <br> ML-5000XII ・It carries high function including Air pulse stabilizing circuit (PAT.) and realizes superior Discharge accuracy.
・We realize compactification of 65% of installation area.
・It can be selected by setting of nyuryokushingosetsukan DIP switch by input signal of "no voltage" or "overpotential" (5V/12V/24V).


Discharge pressure settingElectro/pneumatic method
Pneumatic control circuitAir pulse stabilizing circuit (PAT.)
Dispense pressure setting5.0 - 700.0kPa
Discharge time setting0.010 - 9.999sec. (0.001sec. step)
Discharge time control circuitC-MOS IC control digital circuit
Vacuum pressure setting0 - -20.0kPa
Display sectionLED digital display
Input and output signalInput: With or without contact point Output: Without contact point
Supply air pressureUp to 0.8 MPa (Discharge pressure +0.1 MPa or more)
Power supply, Power consumptionAC100 - 240V 50/60 Hz, 17W
Exterior dimensions, weightW188 X D196 X H76mm, 3.4 kg
Vacuum adjustment mechanism for drip prevention○ (micrometer Specifications)
Stopwatch function
Shot switch
Input signal voltage switching

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External representation
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