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Digital control valve controller

Centrally manage dispensing conditions to achieve high-precision and stable discharge for valves!

Digital control valve controller <br> VALVE MASTER ME-5000VT ・We improved pressure stability and solved fluctuations in dispensing quantity.
・We achieved superior operability and reproducibility through digital control.
・Dispensing conditions can be centrally managed by the controller.
・Dispensing can be monitored through improved external interface, showing the power of the device's equipment.


Discharge pressure settingElectro/pneumatic method
Pressure settingFor fluid feeding0.005 - 0.700MPa
For valve operation0.200 - 0.700MPa
Discharge time control circuitDigital timer circuit
Discharge time setting0.01 - 99.99sec.
Display sectionLED digital display
Input and output signalInput (Signal with or without contact point)Discharge signal (Can switch between input with and without voltage)
Mode switch signal
Output (Output without contact point)Discharge completion signal
Signal during discharge
Mode status signal
Power supply ON signal
Tank pressure drop signal
Valve pressure drop signal
Supply air pressure0.8 MPa or less
Power supply, Power consumptionAC100 - 240V 50/60 Hz, 12W
Exterior dimensions, weightW280 X D247 X H122mm, 4.3 kg

External representation

External representation

System diagram

System diagram
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