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Super small amount fixed-quantity dispenser

We realize super small amount dispense of 1nL by volume measurement method.

Super small amount fixed-quantity dispenser <br> NANO MASTER SMP-III ・It is Suitable to quantitatively filling super small amount dispensing such as solvent, volatile materials, precisely Filling Injection.
・Super small amount dispense of 1/1, 000000 ml smallest in low viscosity liquid materials.
・We realize digital control and Super fine dispensing by measurement method.
・Dripping is dissolved by original plunger mechanism and case back function.
・Consecutive dispense of small amount is possible.
・Number inputs dispensing volume into direct and realizes superior operability, high reproducibility.
・We are equipped with residual quantity detective function.
・Central control with host computer is possible.
・It can be equipped with micro syringe. (optional: SMP3-MS)


NameSuper small amount fixed-quantity dispenser NANO MASTER
SMP-III30mL typeSMP-III50mL type
Controller ModelSMP3-C
Dispensing methodVolume measurement method
Discharge pressure settingMicrocomputer digital Discharge pressure setting
Application liquid materialAnaerobic adhesive, silicone resin, medicinal solution, UV adhesive, volatile liquid materials, flux, ink
Application syringe0.05, 0.5, 1, 5, 10mL micro syringe
5, 10, 20, 30mL syringe
5, 10, 20, 30, 50mL syringe
Dispense modeTimed mode / manual mode, fine mode / normal mode
Dispensing volume set rangeAt the time of 0.05mL micro syringe choice…0.0001-500.0000μL
At the time of 0.5mL micro syringe choice…0.001-500.000μL
At the time of 1mL micro syringe choice…0.001-1000.000μL
At the time of 5mL micro syringe choice…0.01-5000.00μL
At the time of 10mL micro syringe choice…0.01-10000.00μL
At the time of 5mL syringe choice…0.004-5000.000μL
At the time of 10mL syringe choice…0.005-10000.000μL
At the time of 20mL syringe choice…0.009-20000.000μL
At the time of 30mL syringe choice…0.009-30000.000μL
At the time of 50mL syringe choice…0.009-50000.000μL
Main functionAutomatic residual quantity warning, case back, synchronized speed, dispense counter,
Stopwatch, unit indication reshuffling, Japanese-English indication reshuffling
The number of the channels400CH
RS-232C serial communicationPossibility
Input signalWe pre-set dispense, channel reshuffling, dispense mode reshuffling, channel, and channel steps,
Synchronized speed ON
Output signal(reshuffling type) is busy among dispense completion / dispense, among error, residual quantity warning, maintenance under limit,
During electricity, it is change demand, direction of movement
Normal voltage and frequencyAC100-240V    50/60Hz
Power Consumption45W
Conformity standardCE marking (low voltage order, EMC order), EU RoHS
Head Exterior dimensions W*D*HW90.5 X D122.5 X H300mmW90.5 X D122.5 X H381mm
Head Weight2.3 kg2.5 kg
Controller Exterior dimensions
W300 X D250 X H111mm
Controller Weight4.5 kg

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External representation
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