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Non-contact jet dispenser for medium and high viscosity

We greatly improved speed to a maximum of 333 shots per second! This significantly reduces production cycle time.

Middle・high viscosity non-contact jet dispenser <br> AeroJetIt can shoot liquids of medium and high viscosity at high speeds.
・Using its original jet mechanism, it can dispense material on the nano- level.
The durability is 4 times that of conventional models.
・We achieved stable dispensing reproducibility.
・It is equipped with a temperature control mechanism as standard equipment.
・CE marking, EURoHS conformity version is line-up, too.


Model (Head) (*1)MJET-A-HU*-R/L
Model (Controller)MJET-3-CTR
Dispensing methodJet
Connection syringeWe support various sizes (5-70 ml)
Application liquid materialsUnderfill fluid, Ag paste, moisture-insulation, UV resin, etc.
Applicable liquid viscosity50 - 300,000mPa, s
Used nozzle(1 L, 3 L, 5 L) 15 - 32G
Built-in (SHN) 28 - 36G
Supply pressure0.8 MPa or less
Power supply, Power consumption (*2)AC100 - 240V 50/60 Hz, 62W *2

*1 This is selected by the amount of discharge.
*At the time of 2 MJET-3-CTR choices.

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