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Sharp needle

With the sharp needle tip can prevent the liquid climbing

Sharp needle <br> SPNPrevention of liquid climbing to needle tip assures a stable dispensing.
Microdispensing is realized by high precision taper shape of the needle tip.
・Needle Double thread screw design to enable syringe wearing certain safely.
・miga including screw to syringe by four pieces of big feather designs is certain.
・It is line-up in multi-nozzle Specifications realizing dispense in multi-Dotting same time with sharp needle.

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Needle material: Stainless steel, quality of needle base material: Polypropylene
Needle Internal diameter
The needle tip
Outer diameter
Needle outer diameter
ColorFull length
The needle head
mm (E)
Needle change
The needle tip
Taper length
Model Quantity
0.841.001.27Green30.312.7(11.4)(0.6)SPN-0.84-12.7L 50/1 pack
0.580.740.91 Pink55.738.1(37.1)(0.32)SPN-0.58-38.1L
0.410.520.71 Blue55.738.1(37.1)(0.4)SPN-0.41-38.1L
0.250.340.51Rose30.312.7(11.4)(0.3)SPN-0.25-12.7L blue27.19.5(8.5)(0.5)SPN-0.17-9.5L 25/1 pack Gray24.06.5(5.6)(1.1)SPN-0.12-6.5L

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