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Standard metal needles with high versatility

Metal needles with high durability

Standard metal needles with high versatility <br> SNA ・Metal needles which use SUS needles with excellent durability.
It even supports discharge under high temperature conditions.
・It is available for solvents and UV liquids.
・We have a lineup featuring two kinds of needle length: 13 mm and 15 mm.

Needle material: SUS304, needle base material: Brass (Ni plating)
Gauge Internal diameter mmOuter diameter mmNeedle length 13 mmNeedle length 15 mmQuantity
122.272.77SNA-12G-B SNA-12G-C 60 /1 pack
131.942.40SNA-13G-B SNA-13G-C
141.642.10SNA-14G-B SNA-14G-C
151.431.83SNA-15G-B SNA-15G-C
161.251.65SNA-16G-B SNA-16G-C
180.921.28SNA-18G-B SNA-18G-C
190.721.08SNA-19G-B SNA-19G-C
200.610.91SNA-20G-B SNA-20G-C
210.520.82SNA-21G-B SNA-21G-C
220.420.72SNA-22G-B SNA-22G-C
230.340.64SNA-23G-B SNA-23G-C
250.260.52SNA-25G-B SNA-25G-C
270.210.42SNA-27G-B SNA-27G-C
280.180.36SNA-28G-B SNA-28G-C

※If designating the needle length, designate the length from the needle base.

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External representation
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