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Plastic needle

Economic Disposable

Plastic needle <br> PN ・Economical and disposable needles.
・It is lineup with two kinds of needle long 8mm and 13mm.

Needle material: SUS304, needle base material: Polyacetal
Gauge Internal diameter mmOuter diameter mmColorNeedle long 8mmNeedle length 13 mmQuantity
151.431.83BrownPN-15G-A PN-15G-B 50/1 pack
161.261.65BlackPN-16G-A PN-16G-B
180.971.27Gray PN-18G-A PN-18G-B
190.781.08Light green PN-19G-A PN-19G-B
200.660.90Light pink PN-20G-A PN-20G-B
210.570.81White PN-21G-A PN-21G-B
220.470.72Light blue PN-22G-A PN-22G-B
230.400.64Yellow PN-23G-A PN-23G-B
250.290.51Pink PN-25G-A PN-25G-B
260.250.46Peppermint greenPN-26G-APN-26G-B
270.200.41Brown PN-27G-A PN-27G-B

※In the case of needle long designation, please appoint length from needle.
Please ask our sales department about the details.

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External representation
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