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Double thread screwed plastic needle

Safe and sure installation to syringe with double thread type needle

Double thread screwed plastic needle <br> DPN ・Needle Double thread screw design to enable syringe wearing certain safely.
・miga including screw to syringe by four pieces of big feather designs is certain.
・Range of dispensing use is expanded by abundant needle length and gage.
・We can distinguish nozzle size with color of needle.

Needle material: SUS304, needle base material: Polypropylene
Gauge Internal diameter mmOuter diameter mmColorNeedle long 6.4mmNeedle long 12.7mmNeedle long 25.4mmNeedle long 38.1mmQuantity
141.521.83Dark green-DPN-14G-1 DPN-14G-2 DPN-14G-350/
1 pack
151.371.65Brown- DPN-15G-1DPN-15G-2 DPN-15G-3
180.841.27Light green - DPN-18G-1DPN-18G-2 DPN-18G-3
200.580.91Pink -DPN-20G-1 DPN-20G-2 DPN-20G-3
210.510.81Purple -DPN-21G-1 DPN-21G-2 DPN-21G-3
220.410.71Blue - DPN-22G-1 DPN-22G-2DPN-22G-3
230.330.64Orange -DPN-23G-1 DPN-23G-2 DPN-23G-3
250.250.51Rose- DPN-25G-1 DPN-25G-2 DPN-25G-3
300.150.30Light purple- DPN-30G-1 --
320.100.23YellowDPN-32G-0DPN-32G-1- -

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