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Curve needle

It is most suitable for dispensing to Inner surface of workpiece

Curve needle <br> CPN ・Stable dispense is realized by bending superior in flow characteristic.
・It is supported wide use by two kinds of angles and abundant variation.
・Needle Double thread screw design to enable syringe wearing certain safely.
・miga including screw to syringe by four pieces of big feather designs is certain.

Needle material: SUS304, needle base material: Polypropylene
Gauge Internal diameter
Outer diameter
ColorAn angle of 45 degrees
Needle long 12.7mm
An angle of 45 degrees
Needle long 38.1mm
An angle of 90 degrees
Needle long 12.7mm
141.521.83Dark greenCPN-14G-A45 CPN-14G-B45 CPN-14G-A90 50/1 pack
151.371.65BrownCPN-15G-A45 - CPN-15G-A90
180.841.27Light green CPN-18G-A45 CPN-18G-B45 CPN-18G-A90
200.580.91Pink CPN-20G-A45 - CPN-20G-A90
210.510.81PurpleCPN-21G-A45 CPN-21G-B45 CPN-21G-A90
220.410.71Blue CPN-22G-A45 - CPN-22G-A90
230.330.64Orange CPN-23G-A45 - CPN-23G-A90
250.250.51RoseCPN-25G-A45 - CPN-25G-A90
300.150.30Light purpleCPN-30G-A45 - CPN-30G-A90

External representation

External representation
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