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PTFE nozzle

It supports dispensing of anaerobic liquid materials

PTFE nozzle <br> TN ・It is most suitable for dispense of liquid material which Standard metal needles with high versatility cannot use.
・It is effective to particularly anaerobic liquid material.

Needle material: PTFE, needle base material: Polyacetal
Gauge Internal diameter mmExternal diameter mmColorNeedle long 8mmQuantity
131.502.10Ivory TN-13G 50 /1 packs
141.351.95Blue TN-14G
151.191.79Gray TN-15G
180.861.46Gray TN-18G
190.681.18Light green TN-19G
200.561.06Light pink TN-20G
210.460.92Light blue TN-21G
220.380.84White TN-22G

※If designating the needle length, designate the length from the needle base.
Please ask our sales department about the details.

External representation

External representation
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