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Soft needle

The drop most moving passage is possible without hurting work

Soft needle <br> PPN ・It is flexible, and firm needle part prevents damage of work, and they reduce fraction defective.
・It is Suitable in dispensing to narrow PHS in particular.
・It supports dispensing of anaerobic liquid material.
・We distinguish gage by needle part color.

Needle material: Polypropylene, needle base material: Polypropylene
Gauge Internal diameter mmOuter diameter mmColorModelQuantity
151.371.83Dark gray PPN-15G 50/1 pack
161.191.70Brown PPN-16G
180.811.35Pink PPN-18G
200.610.99Yellow PPN-20G
220.380.81Black PPN-22G
250.330.74Red PPN-25G

External representation

External representation
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