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Side connection adapter tube

Suitable for location where there is not enough space above the syringe

Side connection adapter tube <br> AT-E-S It is wide soup stock type adaptor tube which tube appears in syringe from the side of connect adapter part.
In mount the automatic machine, it is effective for cases that space of above the syringe does not have room.

Adapter material: Polyacetal tube material: Special elastomer resin O-ring material: Fluorine-containing rubber
Syringe capacityModelTube length
5 mlAT-5E-S1m
10 mlAT-10E-S
20,30,50, 70 mlAT-50E-S
20,30, 50 ml (for exclusive use of Σ)AT-50E-S-SIGMA

Note: Adaptor tube length designation fills in 0.5 meters of units.
(example), in the case of wide soup stock adapter tube 1.5m in length for 10 ml of syringe, please appoint with "AT-10E-S-1.5M".
In addition, please contact our sales department for adaptor tube for exclusive use of Σ on use in 1 meter in length or more.

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