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 PSY-EU/FU-OR series

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UV block syringe
PSY-EU/FU-OR series

"First in the world" Complete blockage of UV rays and Perfect visibility

UV block syringe <br> PSY-EU/FU-OR series ・We completely shut out UV.
・Liquid materials residual quantity is clear at a glance by transmissivity improvement in The visible light range.
・Superior fluidity.
・Residual quantity of liquid materials is line-up in syringe with scale to understand at first sight.

Green type UV correspondence syringe, head cap, news of needle cap abolished turn

Material: Polypropylene
CapacityNo scaleThere is scaleDimensions mm (full length X saliva part X external diameter)Quantity
3 mlPSY-3EU-ORPSY-3EU-OR-M80 X 24.3 X φ 11.750 /1 packs
5 mlPSY-5EU-ORPSY-5EU-OR-M80 X 27 X φ 14.9
10 mlPSY-10EU-ORPSY-10EU-OR-M105.3 X 32 X φ18.3
20 mlPSY-20FU-ORPSY-20FU-OR-M105 X 45 X φ 26.1
30 mlPSY-30FU-ORPSY-30FU-OR-M129.7 X 45 X φ 26.2
50 mlPSY-50FU-ORPSY-50FU-OR-M160.8 X 45 X φ 26.1
70 mlPSY-70FU-ORPSY-70FU-OR-M224.2 X 45 X φ 26.4

※Normal pressure: At normal temperature Max.0.5MPa(5kgf/cm2)

External representation

External representation

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