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 AT-E-H series

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Adaptor tube (with stopper)
AT-E-H series

Security, relief, certain one-touch wearing! It is power in stable dispensing of liquid materials by superior airtightness!

Adaptor tube (with stopper) <br> AT-E-H series The tube to connect dispenser and syringe with air pressure.


Adaptor tube with tube clamp
Thorough elimination of liquid backflow during machine stop

Material: Adapter part Polyacetal (AT-100E prepares aluminum), tube part *Spe cial elastomer resin (for Sigma: polyurethane), O-ring region: Product made in fluorine-containing rubber
Syringe capacityAdaptor tubeAdaptor tube with tube clampLength *1
1 ml of business AT-1E(*2*3)-1m
3 ml of businessAT-3E-HAT-3E-H-C
5 ml of businessAT-5E-HAT-5E-H-C
10 ml of business AT-10E-HAT-10E-H-C
20-70 ml of business AT-50E-HAT-50E-H-C
It is for 5 ml (for Σ) AT-5E-H-SIGMA-
It is for 10 ml (for Σ) AT-10E-H-SIGMA-
It is for 20-70 ml (for Σ) AT-50E-H-SIGMA-
100 ml of business AT-100E(*3)-

*Adaptor tube length designation is 0.5 meters of units 1.
(example), in the case of adaptor tube 1.5m in length for 10 ml of syringe, please appoint with "AT-10E-H-1.5M".
In addition, is 1 meter in length or more with adaptor tube for exclusive use of Σ; on use to our sales department
Please refer.
*2: In AT-1E, PSY-1E2-M is for exclusive use.
*3: AT-1E, AT-100E do not have type with stopper.

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