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Stainless syringe
SSY series

Stainless syringe superior in high thermostability, high solvent resistance!

Stainless syringe <br> SSY series ・Stainless syringe is syringe superior in heat resistance, solvent resistance.
・By exclusive adaptor tube of New development, correspondence is possible in service temperature to 200 degrees Celsius.
・We adopt Luer-Lok method for fixation of nozzle, and certain, strong wearing is possible.

SSY series

Material: SUS303
CapacityModelDimensions mm (full length X saliva part X external diameter) *2Quantity
1 ml of (*1)SSY-1B 85 X 18 X φ7One /1 pack
3 mlSSY-3E80 X 24 X φ11
5 mlSSY-5E80 X 27 X φ15
10 ml SSY-10E105 X 32 X φ18
30 ml SSY-30E130 X 45 X φ26
50 ml SSY-50E 160 X 45 X φ26

Normal pressure: Less than 0.5MPa(5kgf/cm2)
*1: Nozzle fixation method of 1 ml of type is Luer slip method.
*Dimensions are datum dimensions, and 2, please refer for the details until we business.

Adaptor tube (with stopper) for exclusive use of SSY series

Material adapter head: Stainless steel, tube: Fluoric resin, O-ring fluorine-containing rubber
ModelCorrespondence syringe Model *1Standard tube length *2

*1: SSY-1B does not have exclusive adaptor tube. Please inquire whether you use AT-E-H series until our business.
*Please contact our sales people for tube length except 2:1.0m.

External representation

External representation
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