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 PSY-E-SEP series

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Antistatic syringe
PSY-E-SEP series

Outstanding antistat effect! This tube can eliminates static electricity!

Antistatic syringe <br> PSY-E-SEP series ・By conductivity, it is This tube can eliminates static electricity.
・We show dust proofing effect.
・Outstanding flow characteristic by constant internal syringe diameter.
・Original design to hold expansion and contraction in check.
・High withstand pressure design that largely improved strength.

※Please use with anti-static adaptor tube.

Material: Polypropylene
CapacityModelDimensions mm (full length X saliva part X external diameter)Quantity
10 mlPSY-10E-SEP 106 X 32 X φ18 50 /1 packs
30 mlPSY-30E-SEP130 X 45 X φ26
50 mlPSY-50E-SEP162 X 45 X φ26

※Normal temperature pressure: It is Max.0.5MPa(5kgf/cm2) at PSY-10E-SEP normal temperature
It is Max.0.3MPa(3kgf/cm2) at PSY-30E-SEP,PSY-50E-SEP normal temperature

External representation

External representation

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