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NC series

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Syringe tip cap (former: needle cap)
NC series

Abundant line-up to purpose

Syringe tip cap (former: needle cap) <br>NC series ・It is suitable in storing, moving filling with liquid materials with cap sealing the syringe tip.
・It is line-up by semitransparency type and UV cut type.

※Please use in conjunction with syringe head cap.

Material: ①,② polypropylene ③,④,⑤ polyethylene
Syringe capacitySyringe tip cap
(normal type)
Syringe tip cap
(knurling tool type)
①General business②UV materials use③General business④General business⑤UV materials use
All size is commonNC-3ENC-3EU-BNC-5ENC-7ENC-7EU-B50 /1 packs

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