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FLP/MLP series

We can choose to liquid materials

Plunger <br> FLP/MLP series ・We realize reduction of liquid materials to discharge liquid materials in syringe without waste till the last.
Fraction defective is reduced by high precision dispense.
・By dual wipe structure, it is Y Ping in liquid materials surely.
・It is lineup with four kinds in characteristic and use of liquid materials in total.

Plunger series
Material: Polyethylene
Syringe capacity ml (cc)FLPMLP-RMLP-BMLPQuantity
1 ml of businessFLP-1E---50 /1 packs
3 ml of businessFLP-3E---
5 ml of businessFLP-5EMLP-R-5EMLP-B-5EMLP-5E
10 ml of business FLP-10EMLP-R-10EMLP-B-10EMLP-10E
20-70 ml of businessFLP-50EMLP-R-50EMLP-B-50EMLP-50E

※In FLP-1E, PSY-1E2-M is for exclusive use.

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