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Barrel parts
PB series

Liquid container for cartridge type

Barrel parts <br> PB series It is container and cover to fill with liquid materials in the case of cartridge method.

Barrel parts

Article nameModelMaterialQuantity
Barrel [100mL type B]PB-100BPolyethyleneTen
Barrel [170mL C type]PB-170CPolyethyleneTen
Barrel [340mL type B]
(shifting to C type)
Barrel plunger [W1 type] (white) PP-W1PolyethyleneTen
Barrel plunger [B1 type] (black)PP-B1PolyethyleneTen
Barrel head cap [type 4]
(former: barrel cap)
Barrel tip cap [type 4]
(former: barrel plug)
Needle adapter [No. 12]
(PT1/4 oneji)
(old :NA-2V)
Brass (Ni plating)One
Needle adapter [No. 13]
(PT1/4 oneji)
(old :NA-2VT)
Fluorine coatOne

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External representation

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