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Resistance thermometer bulb-type temperature control unit

Heating temperature control system compact in temperature precision and stability improvement, light weight

Resistance thermometer bulb-type temperature control unit <br> THERMO MASTER TCU-02/TB-E-K ・We control dispense fluctuations by superior temperature stability and back up dispensing quality improvement strongly.
・Minute thermal management. We display preset temperature unit 0.1 degrees Celsius, measured temperature, preset temperature at the same time. We realize accurate solution temperature management that is essential for high precision dispense.
・Compact design, blocking department Weight compared to our conventional products 1/2 are realized ultra-lightweight. We adopt chine type that is suitable in device Equipped.


Article nameSyringe capacity ml(cc)ModelWeight
Temperature control block5 mlTB-5E-K135 g
10 mlTB-10E-K190 g
20 mlTB-20E-K240 g
30 mlTB-30E-K280 g
50 mlTB-50E-K340 g
Temperature control controllerTCU-021.04 kg

※Please order cap for resistance thermometer bulb type temperature control block to nozzle size separately.

Exterior dimensions list

Unit: mm
Article nameSyringe capacityModelWeightExterior dimensions
Temperature control block5 mlTB-5E-K135 g(a)24 x (b) 28 x (C)70(d)13(e)14(f) 15.5 (g)38(h) 16.5
10 mlTB-10E-K190 g(a)28× (b) 30× (C)90(d)14(e)17(f) 15.5 (g)58(h) 16.5
20 mlTB-20E-K240 g(a)36× (b) 36× (C)90(d)18(e)24(f)28 (g)45(h)17
30 mlTB-30E-K280 g(a)36×(b) 36×(C) 115(d)18(e)24(f)28 (g)45(h)42
50 mlTB-50E-K340 g(a)36× (b) 36× (C) 145(d)18(e)24(f)28 (g)45(h)72
Temperature control controllerTCU-021.04 kgW130 X D126 X H61

External representation

External representation
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