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Needle control valve

Line-up which is abundant in Compact-size, light weight, various liquid materials and uses

Needle control valve <br> NCV-10 ・Dispense stable in liquid materials with filler.
・1 port Discharge pressure setting that conversion from syringe method is easily.
・2 port Discharge pressure setting which is suitable in high precision dispense more.
・Teflon Specifications which is suitable in dispense of corrosive high liquid materials and anaerobic liquid materials, UV liquid materials correspondence type are line-up.


ModelNCV-10 (standard Specifications)NCV-10-T (fluoric resin Specifications)NCV-10-U (UV Specifications)
Drive systemAir operation rate type
1 port control (spring offset type)2 port control (fukudo piston)1 port control (spring offset type)2 port control (fukudo piston)1 port control (spring offset type)2 port control (fukudo piston)
Valve structureNeedle valve
The smallest dispensing volume9μl8μl9μl8μl9μl8μl
Adaptation liquid materials viscosity~50Pa・s(~50,000cps)
Operation air pressure0.35 ...
0.3 - 0.5MPa0.35~0.5MPa0.3 - 0.5MPa0.35~0.5MPa0.3 - 0.5MPa
Maximum Fluid feed pressure0.5MPa
Maximum reply number of times640 times of /min.680 times of /min.640 times of /min.680 times of /min.640 times of /min.680 times of /min.
Wetted part materialAluminum, SUS, fluoric resin, Brass (Ni plating)SUS (fluoric resin coat), fluoric resinPolyacetal, fluoric resin, SUS (fluoric resin coat)
Connection diameterLiquid entranceφ 6 X φ 4 Fluid feed coupling
Liquid exitLure lock
Air operation portφ 6 one-touch coupling (with speed controller)
Weight126 g160 g126 g160 g126 g160 g

※Dispensing volume of this Specifications, adaptation viscosity, adaptation materials are reference levels.

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External representation
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