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One-touch tank

One-touch-type tank with an easy-to-operate cover

One-touch tank <br> OTT ・One-touch clamp type that Open and close of cover is easy.
・In use that is wide from low viscosity to highly viscous liquid agent
・Handling is easy at light weight.
・Liquid materials direct injection expression tank.
・It is abundant to large-capacity size of 1 L - 30 L
We prepare for variation in size.
・Customization to application of customer


Capacity (L)ModelDimensions (mm)Weight
MaterialPressureAttached parts
1OTT-1L160φ 108φ 108φ 1112.8SUS3040.5MPa
・O-ring (fluorine-containing rubber
Silicone gum,
Nitrile rubber,
Butyl rubber,
Fluoric resin)
・Safety valve *,
・Quick joint
2OTT-2L280φ 108φ 108φ 1113.2
3OTT-3L280φ 108φ 150φ 1533.7
5OTT-5L310φ 108φ 180φ 1834.2
10OTT-10L400φ 108φ 230φ 2336.3
20OTT-20L470φ 108φ 279φ 2839.7
30OTT-30L505φ 108φ 330φ 33411.4

*Setting pressure 0.5MPa (5kgf/cm2) of safety valve.

External representation

External representation

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