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Grease fixed-quantity dispense device

Dispense direct from canned grease

Grease fixed-quantity dispense device <br> <nobr>GREASE MASTER<sup>®</sup></nobr><nobr>MGM-1K</nobr> ・Simplyfy the troublesome work process.
・Dispense stable with highly viscous liquid agent without waste.
・Small amount dispense is realized by high precision valve.
・We secure good work environment without being sticky.
・Follow plate with make-and-break mechanism of New development
Can which squeezed A lower entry chamber by (optional)
It supports this.
・It is shipped with safe cover.


Canned adaptation size1 kg
Pump compression ratio1:10
Adaptation liquid materialLubricious high viscosity materials (grease)
The smallest dispensing volume10 mg
Supply air pressure0.2 - 0.6MPa
Exterior dimensionsW270 X D200 X H460mm
Weight11 kg
OptionalFollow plate make-and-break mechanism

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External representation

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