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Centrifugal action removes bubbles from syringe

Model appearance latest for AWATRON series!
Furthermore, it is easy to use and degases certain speedy!
Overseas correspondence, 220-230V Specifications are lineups, too.

Centrifugal action removes bubbles from syringe <br> AWATRON3 ・When we put liquid materials in syringe, we occurred
Syringe which removes bubble by centrifugal force
It is business centrifugal degassing func.
・Set syringe which you put liquid materials in,
Simple control that only pushes switch.
・To load syringe size,
It is line-up with two kinds.
・Various liquid materials such as epoxy resin or grease
We degas this simply neatly.
・We degas speedily in about five minutes and are completed.

After the degassing before degassing


Article nameModelApplication syringeRemarks
Foxtail millet Tron 3AW-20-31, 3, 5, 10, 20 mlPower supply AC100V Specifications
AW-20-3-220VPower supply AC220/230V Specifications
AW-50-31, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 mlPower supply AC100V Specifications
AW-50-3-220VPower supply AC220/230V Specifications

※As it is holder holder color haha optional for 1-10 ml of syringe, it becomes sold separately

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External representation
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