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® ΩX series

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The high precision frequent use desk gate type robot
® ΩX series

Motion unit of concentration MUSASHI of dispensing "core" technology

High precision frequent use desk gate type robot <br>  SHOTMASTER<sup>®</sup>/SHOTmini<sup>®</sup> ΩX series High precise
・We realize improvement of yield by high-level dispensing quality.
High rigidity
・Stable movement high-speed as for heavy tool and work
・It can carry image recognition function 350PCSmart
Full function, optional group
◆ New Teaching Pendant
 Navigation function Equipped of ・ dialog
 ・ stopwatch function
 Change function of ・ dispense condition
 Data transmission function between ・ robot
 ・ Japanese, English, Chinese correspondence
◆ Extensive hardware structure
 26/26 point of ・ outside input and output
 ・ USB communication
 ・ Z-axis brakes function
◆ Nozzle adjuster (optional)
 We automate nozzle position adjustment after ・ syringe change

Examples of applications for the product

Stroke line-up

Stroke line-up


Control number of shaft center3 axes4 axes3 axes4 axes3 axes4 axes3 axes4 axes
Work-space envelopeThe X, Y-axis200mm300mm400mm500mm
The Z-axis80mm
W axis-+-360 degrees-+-360 degrees-+-360 degrees-+-360 degrees
Refrain locational accuracy
The X, Y-axis±0.005mm
The Z-axis±0.005mm
W axis-±0.01 degrees-±0.01 degrees-±0.01 degrees-±0.01 degrees
The Y-axis20 kg
The Z-axis15 kg12 kg15 kg12 kg15 kg12 kg15 kg12 kg
Normal voltage and frequencyAC100-240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption130W150W130W150W180W200W180W200W
Exterior dimensions
(we do not include protrusion)
Width (W)380mm510mm610mm710mm
Depth (D)460mm570mm670mm770mm
Height (H)590mm690mm590mm690mm590mm690mm590mm690mm
Weight30 kg33 kg40 kg43 kg55 kg58 kg66 kg69 kg

It depends on our (*1) prescribed method for measurement (method for measurement according to JIS).
In (*2) optional non-Equipped. It varies according to setting speed, setting picking up speed and slowing down time, movement.

External representation

External representation
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