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 SHOTMASTER?/SHOTmini? SX series

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Desktop type dispensing robot

Motion unit of concentration MUSASHI of dispensing "core" technology
Ultimate high cost performance

Desktop type dispensing robot <br>  SHOTMASTER<sup>? </sup>/SHOTmini<sup>? </sup> SX series High speed
・800mm/s Highway movement of class top-level
High precise
・Refrain locational accuracy of ±0.01mm
It is function Equipped synchronized speed
・Even corner part keeps drawing width constantly. We shorten cycle time to the maximum and realize ultimate production efficiency.
Full function, optional group
◆ New Teaching Pendant
* Navigation function Equipped of dialog?
* Stopwatch function?
* Change function of dispense condition?
* Data transmission function between robot?
* Japanese, English, Chinese correspondence?
◆ Extensive hardware structure
* 26/26 point of outside input and output?
* USB communication?
* The Z-axis brakes function?
◆ Nozzle adjuster (optional)
* Is automation by nozzle position adjustment after syringe change?

Examples of applications for the product

・Consideration of apparatus introduction in Japan, dispensing test, demonstration func rental, consultation about estimate and inquiry are this.

・Confirmation of the domestic business base is this.

・Consideration of apparatus introduction in overseas global area, dispensing test, demonstration func rental, consultation about estimate and inquiry are this.

・Confirmation of the business base of overseas global area is this.

When the nearest business base is unclear, please ask to inquiry form.
We put notification from the business base of charge or agency.

Musashi of FA, dispenser synthesis maker turn to problem that cannot be settled to solution with customer from nozzle to dispenser, Desktop robot of various dispense methods, robot at right angles, Full Automation coating applicator only by single dispense mechanism and does suggestion of the most suitable apparatus. Please consult by all means.

Stroke line-up

Stroke line-up


Control number of shaft center3 axes4 axes3 axes4 axes3 axes4 axes3 axes4 axes
Work-space envelopeThe X, Y-axis100mm200mm300mm400mm500mm
The Z-axis50mm80mm
W axis---+-360 degrees-+-360 degrees-+-360 degrees-+-360 degrees
Refrain locational accuracy
The X, Y-axis±0.01mm
The Z-axis±0.01mm
W axis---±0.01 degrees-±0.01 degrees-±0.01 degrees-±0.01 degrees
The Y-axis8 kg15 kg
The Z-axis2 kg3.5 kg2.5 kg7 kg6 kg7 kg6 kg7 kg6 kg
Normal voltage and frequencyAC100-240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption100W120W200W220W200W220W200W220W
Exterior dimensions
(we do not include protrusion)
Width (W)202mm300mm510mm610mm710mm
Depth (D)290mm300mm570mm670mm770mm
Height (H)440mm455mm555mm590mm690mm590mm690mm590mm690mm
Weight11 kg13.3 kg14.5 kg15.5 kg37 kg40 kg55 kg58 kg66 kg69 kg

It depends on our (*1) prescribed method for measurement (method for measurement according to JIS).
In (*2) optional non-Equipped. It varies according to setting speed, setting picking up speed and slowing down time, movement.

External representation

External representation

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