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350PC Smart XMΩX

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PC control image recognition function orthogonality model robot with
350PC Smart XMΩX

It is improved dispensing quality by in-line 3D dispensing!

PC control image recognition function orthogonality type robot <br belonging to> IMAGE MASTER<sup>®</sup>350PC Smart XMΩX We realize edible produce improvement by high-level dispensing quality
Complete 3D alignment
It is automatic compensation with work individual difference and palette sequence error.
We completely revise unevenness of device sequence.
Refrain locational accuracy of class a maximum of ±0.005mm
Edge detection function [NEW]
It supports a variety of work shapes.
Synchronized speed ® function [NEW] Equipped
We strengthen cooperation with dispenser. More beautiful dispensing smoothly.
Software for editing the dispensing pattern MuCAD®V Equipped
・ We carry out kind reshuffling instantly.
・ Uptake of DXF/ Garber data is possible.
・ We plurally take, and program is generated staggered array automatically.
・ We generate tip pattern on wafer automatically.
・ Injury is easy for coating of dispensing area / dispensing prohibition area.

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