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ODF system equipment

It supports every Liquid crystal dripping pattern

ODF system equipment <br> MLC-7500 -"ODF system equipment" of world No. 1 -
・Stable high speed, high precision drip is realized by high efficiency drip head.
Drip speed than 5 times speedup. (of that of the conventional company products)
・We handle LC change maintenance in a short time.
-UP large with productivity, multi-head-adaptive -
・Drip unit realizes high throughput by multi-head Equipped.
-Operation - simple by drip pattern, quantity of drip setting
・Kind reshuffling is easy by programmed input of shell in touch panel, too.

Examples of applications for the product


Dispensing useTFT Liquid crystal dripping process
Panel sizeWe correspond to G6, G7
Programmed input methodIt is programmed input of shell in touch panel
Drip headMulti-head
Addition functionDispense confirmation sensor, residual quantity detection sensor, dispensing volume automatic compensation, automatic weighing system (optional)
Exterior dimensionsW3,200 X D3,400 X H2,500mm (G6 size)
Weight9,000 kg (G6 size)

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