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Musashi engineering of dispenser
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A 96-pipet head

Suction, Filling Injection of medicinal solution, the tip secession are completely automated by tip wearing

A 96-pipet head <br> PIPETMASTER<sup>®</sup> ・Pipette-type Filling Injection head 96 and 12
Complete wearing automatic for pipette tip.
・Stacker (optional) installation is possible.
・Reliable design excellent at operability.

96, 12


Filling Injection methodPipette method
Quantity of Filling Injection96: 0.5-5μl / 12: 2-20μl
Tip type96: 10μl / 12: 200μl
Tip wearingAutomatically
The tip secessionAutomatically
Robot tool-up speed1,000mm/sec.
Power supply, Power consumptionAC200V 50/60Hz
Exterior dimensionsW1,600 X D1,200 X H1,900mm
Weight1,500 kg or less

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