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Desktop type Filling Injection system

We completely data-process Filling Injection information! We are born compact Filling Injection system here

Desktop type Filling Injection system <br> PIPETMASTER<sup>®</sup>-200S<br>PIPETMASTER<sup>®</sup>-300S ・It is selected than the number of the plates to use by 2 models.
・We correspond to commercial having many kinds plate (96 well, 384 well), having many kinds chip.
・We choose chip to use by quantity of Filling Injection.
・It is setable in Filling Injection condition such as stirring movement after dispense before quantity of Filling Injection, suction freely.
・By placement of Mother plate (MP), Daughter plate (DP), it is setable optionally.


Filling Injection methodPipette method
Quantity of Filling Injection200μl tip Specifications1-200μl
10μl tip Specifications0.5-10μl
Tip wearingAutomatically
The tip secessionAutomatically
Robot tool-up speedX, the Y-axis0.1 - 800mm/sec.0.1 - 800mm/sec.
The Z-axis0.1 - 250mm/sec.0.1 - 400mm/sec.
The number of the platesTwo piecesFour pieces
Power supplyAC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption120VA200VA
Exterior dimensionsW304 X D391 X H422mmW480 X D585 X H510mm
Weight17 kg40 kg

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