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Microarray reagents potting system

Non-contact jet drip high-speed with various kinds of reagents!

Microarray reagents potting system <br> JET SPOTTER<sup>®</sup>Cross contamination of sample is prevented by non-contact drip.
Stable high speed dispensing is possible without being influenced by shape of coated surface.
・By new feature nozzle automatic cleaning function Equipped, it is most suitable for various kinds of reagents potting.
・Because tip is unnecessary, running cost is cheap.

Drip consecutive as for the many kinds reagent


Article nameJET SPOTTER
Dispensing methodNon-contact type
Dispense methodElectro/ pneumatic method
Dispensing volume setting30nL~2000nL
Discharge time setting0.1 ... 9.9 msec
Liquid materials supply methodMicrotiter tray suction type
Discharge pressure settingPC control (application for exclusive use of Windows)
Supply pressureRecommendation: More than 400KPa (use dry air)
Power supply, Power consumptionAC100V 50/60Hz .175W
Exterior dimensionsW508 X D468 X H572mm (not including protrusions)
Weight39 kg

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