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Robot built-in AeroJet® dispensing system

It is all-in-one with "JET" and "robot"
Fusion of dispensing and motion

Robot built-in AeroJet® dispensing system <br> ROBO JET™ ・We program JET and robot by teaching collectively.
・In Teaching Pendant and MuCADV, we manage dispensing condition and program of robot movement collectively.
・Controller reply
・Spacing-saving is realized by the dispensing controller internal organs.


NameNon-contact jet dispenser ROBOJET
Dispensing methodJet method
Discharge pressure settingMicrocomputer Discharge pressure setting
Application liquid materialUF agent, sorudapesuto, moisture-proof insulation agent, UV adhesive, epoxy resin,
Grease, flux
Application containerSyringe, tank
Temperature adjustment isMAX: 80.0 degrees Celsius
Dispense modeTimed mode / manual mode, LINE/DOT mode
Discharge time setting range0.002-9.99999s
Dispense number of times set range1-9999
Main functionSynchronized speed, dispense counter, indication reshuffling during Japanese and English
The number of the channels100CH.
RS-232C serial communicationUSB communication
Input signalDispense, channel reshuffling, dispense mode reshuffling
Output signalAmong lady, dispense completion, dispense drive monitor, main dispense mode, subdispense mode,
During electricity, it is error
Normal voltage and frequencyAC200-240V    50/60Hz
Power Consumption15w
Conformity standardCE marking (low voltage order, machine order, EMC order)
Head Exterior dimensions
W*D*H (we do not include protrusion)
Head Weight0.6 kg
Robot partDesk gate type robot: SHOTMASTER/SHOTminiΩX/SX series,
Orthogonality type robot: CROSSMASTERΩX/SX series

※ Please refer to each robot Specifications for Specifications of robot part.

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