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We exhibit in nanotech 2009.

From Wednesday, February 18, 2009 to 20th Friday
From 10:00 to 17:00

Tokyo BIC site east 5 hall No.D-16

Display contents
We apply super a very small amount of super extra-fine Dispensing technology to the field of advanced regions such as nanotechnology, MEMS, the field of Biotechnology and, including protein solution, realize high viscosity nutrient medium, precisely drippings of various liquid materials such as reagents, high precision Filling Injection.
In this exhibition, PC control correspondence desktop type Filling Injection robot "PIPETMASTER -200S" introduces Full Automation dispenser device, nozzle for exclusive use of precisely dispense, 18μm super hairline dispensing sample "ink-jet coating applicator" Capacity measuring digital control dispenser "MPP-3" super small amount fixed-quantity dispense device "NANOMASTER" of 1nl Fully digital control dispenser "SuperΣCMII" including robot "FAD350PC" for exclusive use of desktop type image recognition dispensing belonging to Desktop robot "SHOTmini200DS" of high speed operation, High rigidity highly viscous liquid non-contact high speed dripping device "AeroJet" for agent fault contact dripping device "CyberJet" for low average viscosity liquid materials which is new product.

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