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News of MEX Kanazawa 2012 exhibition

From Thursday, May 17, 2012 to Saturday, May 19
From 10:00 to 17:00

No. 4-58 between the Ishikawa industry exhibition pavilion 4 hall small
The Kanazawa func mechanic state booth

Display contents
As No. 1 dispenser synthesis manufacturer, we display "the latest dispensing system" meeting dispensing needs to diversify as follows in semiconductor, electronic parts, the mechanism element industry.

●Non-contact JET dispenser "AeroJet." Use: We apply non-contact of ... highly viscous liquid agent among grease.
●Non-contact JET dispenser "CyberJet2." Use: Non-contact dispensing of low viscosity liquid materials including moisture-proof materials, flux.
●Large-capacity plunger-type digital control dispenser "MEASURINGMASTER MPP-3."
●Desktop type burr collecting robot.

Person who is interested in advanced JET dispensing technology, one to want to deepen understanding more, please arrive by all means.

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