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News of international rechargeable battery exhibition 2013 exhibition

From Wednesday, February 27, 2013 to Friday, March 1
From 10:00 to 18:00 (only on the last day ... 17:00)

Number between the Tokyo Big Sight west 2 hall small: W10-49

Display contents
Rechargeable battery, fuel cell, next-generation battery including Solar cell.
Improvement of dispensing quality and precision in dispensing process that is one of the manufacturing processes,
And with dispenser technology which is the latest for demands such as cycle time shortening
We display actual machine of abundant line of products up with demonstration,
We suggest solution that is suitable.

●Of topical application and tip of moisture-proof materials to Substrate used in severe condition
For sealing processes, it is high-speed only with quantity that is necessary without waste with liquid material
High speed, non-contact JET dispenser "AeroJet" which we can discharge,
We suggest "CyberJet2".

●Large-capacity fixed-quantity dispense including electrolyte infusion to large-scale battery is demanded
For dispensing process Capacity measuring type plunger pump "JUSTROPUMP"
We suggest.

●In original revision function "3D alignment, learn function" of skewness and sled there is
New product realizing dispensing of high-quality high precision for work, with image recognition
We display desktop type dispensing robot "350PC Smart".

●We realize high precision air type dispenser and micro precisely dispensing as well as the above
Super-fine nozzle, parts about dispensing such as UV cut syringe
We display accessories.

Dispensing process that is new for new accumulation of electricity technology development of every field
While current dispensing process thinking of improvement looks at actual machine
As we suggest dispensing solution that is suitable,
Please arrive.

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