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News of SEMICON CHINA 2013 exhibition [Shanghai] exhibition

From Tuesday, March 19, 2012 to Thursday, March 21
From 9:00 to 17:00 (until most whole day 16:00)

No. 4169 between 4 Shanghai new international exhibition center (SNIEC) hall small

Display contents
About super a very small amount of liquid precisely control technology which is indispensable to the field of semiconductor, LED, we suggest the most suitable solution by latest and extensive dispensing technology through actual machine, demonstration display.

・High precision non-contact dispenser "AeroJet" realizing speedup of dispensing process "CyberJet2"

・Capacity measuring type dispenser which contributes to stabilization of amount of coating by dispensing volume digital setting

・Full Automation revision air pulse type dispenser to contribute to super precisely dispensing
. "SuperΣCMII"

・Desk robot which realizes precisely dispensing without distortion by fluent drawing operation
. "DS series"

・High precision of rich lineup that is selectable to liquid materials properties, dispensing demand
. Nozzle syringe parts group

・In addition, various apparatuses which accepted application from all automatic machine to Manually use
. We display.

With actual machine, demonstration, we suggest solution that is suitable for various dispensing demands.
Please consult about dispensing process thinking of new establishment, improvement by all means at this opportunity.

Detailed page of SEMICON CHINA 2013

Please see advanced dispensing technology from MUSASHI contributing to semiconductor industry and high-performance production system by all means.
We look forward to coming to Musashi booth.