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News of fine technical center Japan 2013 exhibition

From Wednesday, April 10, 2013 to Friday, April 12
From 10:00 to 18:00 (only on the last day ... 17:00)

Number between the Tokyo Big Sight east 5 hall small: 11-32

Display contents
As well as smartphone tablet, we suggest advanced Dispensing technology of No. 1 synthesis dispenser maker Musashi Engineering for FPD (LC, organic electroluminescence) which shows Interior Panel uses such as Automative, two-wheeled vehicle expanse and touch panel and make narrow frame of display part and meet improvement of product quality including expansion of active area of touch panel.

<going to exhibit product>
We do suggestion of product proud of the overwhelming introduction results to ODF process in mobile display.
・Fully automatic dispensing machine for LCD which becomes narrow frame by low section dispensing, and realizes expansion of active area
・Full Automation ODF system equipment "MLC-7500" which controls quantity of drip every 1cell, and improves panel quality

We suggest non-contact JET dispensing technology of Musashi to quality improvement of cycle time shortening, product.
・For cover adhesion process of Display section by high-speed non-contact dispensing of PUR "HOTMELT JET" to thin, and to realize strength UP of product
・We can cope with mass production of low cost smartphone tablet. We realize high cycle time, production efficiency improvement
"CyberJet2+ stirring unit" which realizes high quality mass production of product in high speed, non-contact dispensing of low viscosity liquid materials that particle including dry type lubricant subsides

In addition, we display new product "350PCSmart" where high precision dispensing is possible for crooked work.

As you actually see demonstration and actual machine of dispensing and you take as customer and suggest dispensing solution that is suitable, please arrive by all means.

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