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News of NEPCON CHINA 2013 exhibition

From Tuesday, April 23, 2013 to 25th Thursday
23rd Tuesday from 09:30 to 16:30
24th Wednesday from 09:30 to 16:30
25th Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
Booth No. 1G21

Display contents
We suggest advanced Dispensing technology contributing to evolution such as smartphone tablets with actual machine.

◆We greatly improved speed to a maximum of 333 shots per second!◆
・・Super-high-speed dispensing cycle time is realized ・ non-contact! [AeroJet]
◆We fly low viscosity, small amount without scattering!◆
・・We realize small amount dispensing of ・ 0.03 mg! [CyberJet2]
◆We thin, and strength improves◆
・・We realize high speed, precisely dispensing of ・ hot melt! [hot melt JET]
◆Quality, yield improvement◆
・・Skewness, position gap complete revision of ・ work! [350PC Smart]
◆Effeciency of radiator improvement◆
・・High speed, film dispensing of ・ heat radiation grease! [SCREW MASTER2]
◆High speed, thin layer coating◆
・・Coating high-speed ・ wide area no scattering! [CV-10]
◆LED enkyappushureishon◆
・・High cost performance Full Automation func which contributes to ・ brightness stable! [TAD1000]

We suggest the highest Dispensing technology and new product supporting process of manufacture of electronic equipment which continues evolving from Coating of quality, speed, convenience from Automative, household appliances to smartphone tablet.

To materials and request, we suggest the most suitable dispensing solution from wide lineups of MUSASHI such as non-contact-type Capacity measuring type, air types. Come to our booth by all means at this opportunity.

NEPCON CHINA 2013 formula web site is this place.