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News of BIOtech 2013 exhibition

From Wednesday, May 8, 2013 to Friday, May 10 from 10:00 to 18:00 (only on the last day ... 17:00)

Number between the Tokyo Big Sight west 4 hall small: 8-39

Display contents
We exhibit product with the results to all members in the field of medicine manufacture, Biotechnology as No. 1 synthesis dispenser manufacturer and suggest latest dispensing technology of supottingu and Filling Injection to contribute to to creation of result in research and development.

<going to exhibit product>
Product for supottingu
Super small amount potting of nL order is possible. Desktop type super small amount potting device "SPOTMASTER"
・Non-contact Highway potting is possible. Desktop type non-contact Highway potting device "JETSPOTTER"
The product mentioned above evades cross contamination by "tip reply" potting, and supottingu of reagents a great variety of at a time is possible.

Product for Filling Injection
・With equipment size of desk class, semiautomated of Divided injection in to micro-plates is possible. Desktop type Filling Injection device "PIPETMASTER"
・We realize high-speed drip of reagent to microtiter tray in JET dispensing technology of Musashi.
Low viscosity liquid materials-adaptive non-contact jet dispenser "CyberJet2"

As you actually see demonstration and actual machine of supottingu, Filling Injection and you take as study development and production process of customer and suggest dispensing solution that is suitable, please arrive by all means.

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