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News of MEX Kanazawa 2013 exhibition

From Thursday, May 16, 2013 to Saturday, May 18 from 10:00 to 17:00

No. 3-22 between the Ishikawa industry exhibition pavilion Building No. 3 small
The Kanazawa func mechanic state booth

Display contents
As No. 1 dispenser synthesis manufacturer, we exhibit to exhibition MEX Kanazawa about "metal working, converting machinery and electric equipment, electronic relevant apparatus".

We display the latest desktop type dispensing system in response to production needs to diversify as follows.
●Non-contact JET dispenser "AeroJet."
. Features: We apply non-contact of ... highly viscous liquid agent among epoxy, UV, grease.
. We watch dispensing omission of emergency in real time. [new feature] Misshot detective function Equipped.
●[new product] PC control image recognition Desktop robot 350PC Smart belonging to.
. Features: Super 3D alignment Equipped which completely revises skewness, gap of work.
●Coating valve CV-10.
. Features: It is deadly accurate in sharp dispensing edge, narrow area.
●High efficiency screw dispenser SCREW MASTER2.
. Features: Small amount dispensing high-speed in liquid materials with super high viscosity, particle. It is most suitable for heat radiation grease dispensing.

You become high quality using precisely liquid control technology, and please arrive to our booth suggesting price reduction.

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