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News of minute precisely processing technique exhibition 2013 [Osaka] exhibition

From Wednesday, May 29, 2013 to 31st Thursday
From 10:00 to 17:00 (only on 31st until 16:30)

INTEC's Osaka Building No. 3 M-23

Display contents
We suggest application to contribute to productivity, quality improvement, duties efficiency with actual machine and image.

◆Intuition type, simple programming◆
・・・ original programming support is soft [MuCADIV] and revises!
◆"We splash!" liquid of low viscosity, small amount◆
・・We realize ・ non-contact, small amount dispensing! [CyberJet2]
◆Laser irradiation soldering◆
・・We solve problem of ・ thread solder (conventional method) at one sweep! [DISPENSE LASER MASTER]
◆Quality, yield improvement◆
・・It is the first among ・ world! Super 3D alignment function that came to here!
・・Skewness, position gap complete revision of ・ work! [350PC Smart]
◆Complicated thread fastening is made in five minutes!◆
・・Slash of program man-hour is realized by exclusive software of ・ New development! [thread fastening robot]

We suggest application to support minute region that continues evolving with desk system which had custom characteristics and versatility.

To request, we suggest solution that is suitable from wide lineup of MUSASHI from various Desktop robot to dispensing system. Come to our booth by all means at this opportunity.

Minute precisely processing technique exhibition 2013 formula web site is this place.