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News of productronica 2013 exhibition

From Tuesday, November 12, 2013 to Friday, November 15
From 9:00 to 18:00 (finished daylong at 16:00)

German new Munich international trade fair venue B2 hall No. 121
Illustration of venue is this

Display contents
We exhibit in "productronica 2013" where latest electronics production technologies of the world gather in a hall as No. 1 dispenser synthesis manufacturer.
With dispensing demonstration and dispensing sample, we do the most suitable suggestion from wide line-up of us including high speed, macroscale dispensing and high precision, revision dispensing for the industries such as electricity, electron, motor parts or precision instrument.

Display product
◆We fly cream solder!
___…Middle ... high viscosity correspondence, non-contact JET dispenser "AEROJET"
◆Dispensing [new product] high-speed with dry type lubricant to corrugated surface, the narrow district
___…Filler churning-adaptive non-contact JET dispenser "CYBERJET2 & MIXMATER"
◆Dispensing [new product] high-speed in seal materials in expendable supplies reply
___…mono-type dispenser "MOHNO MASTER"
Dispensing [new product] high-speed in heat radiation materials film
___…Heat radiation material-adaptive "SCREWMASTER" series
Dispensing [new product] minute for work with skewness, curve high speed
___…PC control image recognition desktop type dispensing robot "IMAGE MASTER 350PC Smart" belonging to

In addition, from A4 size desk func to all automatic machine, we suggest with actual machine.

Productivity which is interested in one where improvement and cost cut are examined, the highest Dispensing technology come to right or wrong our booth.

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