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News of 2014 nano tech exhibition

From Wednesday, January 29, 2014 to Friday, January 31 from 10:00 to 17:00

Tokyo Big Sight east 4 hall 4B-09

Display contents
We display a wide variety of products which included parts from Manually to semiautomatic, Full Automation for wide-fields to replies microdripping, Filling Injection to contaminate from dispensing processes such as the adhesion, solder, seal, thin film formation applied to nanotechnology as No. 1 dispenser synthesis manufacturer to biochip membrane.
Please see "the latest dispensing system" by all means.

We display the following products with demonstration, demonstration.

①New feature "synchronized speed is function" Equipped!
.....Crown viscosity liquid materials-adaptive non-contact jet dispenser AEROJET
②Nozzle cleaning function Equipped! supottingushisutemu SPOTMASTER
[new product] Desktop type dispensing robot SM200Sx
[new product] Viscosity change-response dispenser ML-808GX of 2 liquid adhesive
⑤Material-adaptive various stirring systems with filler

In addition, examination has you arrive to right or wrong our booth, and, as for Automative, the smartphone, please consult about dispensing process in fields such as medical care, Biotechnology from the start as we display further new technology, new product.

Detailed page of 2014 nano tech

Entrance application (as for the prior case, free) from this.

In addition, please feel free to contact to our business base of neighborhood as you distribute letter of invitation from our business.