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News of Kumamoto industry business fair 2014 exhibition

From Thursday, February 13, 2014 to Friday, February 14
From 10:00 to 17:00

Grand Messe Kumamoto booth No.A-22

Display contents
We display a wide variety of product line before Manually supporting dispensing process (solder, heat radiation materials, moisture-proof materials, grease, 2 liquid adhesive dispensing) of liquid material in manufacturing industry led by automotive industry as No. 1 dispenser synthesis manufacturer reaching semiautomatic, Full Automation. Please see "the latest dispensing system" by all means.

We display the following products with demonstration.
[New development] Super-high-speed multi-Dotting dispensing parallel JET
[New development] Synchronized speed function desktop type dispensing robot SM200Sx belonging to
③ PC control image recognition Desktop robot 350PC Smart belonging to
[New development] We fly and apply cream solder! SOLDER JET
⑤ Middle・high viscosity non-contact jet dispenser AEROJET
[New development] mono-type digital control dispenser MOHNO MASTER
⑦ High viscosity heat radiation grease dispensing system SCREW MASTER
[new product] Dispenser ML-808GX for viscosity change-response 2 liquid material

In addition, as we display parts and dispensing samples such as syringe, having interest, please arrive to right or wrong our booth in dispensing system.

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