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News of NEPCON Thailand 2014 exhibition

From Thursday, June 19, 2014 to Sunday, June 22
From 10:00 to 19:00

Bangkok Kokusaitenjijo BITEC(Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre)
Position E-539 between our small

Display contents
As No. 1 dispenser synthesis manufacturer, we display wide product line about dispensing process in electronic parts of the field of smartphone, Automative and high-density implementation.

You see dispensing demonstration, dispensing sample display, a variety of dispensing Video and do the most suitable suggestion from our various results, product line.

Display product (example)
◆We hit sorudapesuto to solid thing!
…Middle ... high viscosity non-contact JET dispenser [SOLDERJET]
◆We realize high dispensing technology and fusion of laser, rapid edible produce improvement.
…Laser soldering desk coating applicator [DISPENSE LASER MASTER]
Drawing width is kept constantly in section part by right angle dispensing. [the world's first]
…New feature, synchronized speed function Equipped Desktop robot [SHOTMINI200SX]
Dispensing minute in flexible Substrate with skewness, curve high speed
…PC control image recognition desktop type dispensing robot "IMAGE MASTER 350PC Smart" belonging to
Masking is not necessary and, without scattering, controls from wide area to spot coating freely.
…Full Automation Substrate coating device "COATING MASTER FCD1000"

Person having problem, which is interested in productivity that improvement and cost cut are examined, the highest Dispensing technology come to right or wrong our booth about every dispensing process including implementation process.

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